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November 01, 2007


Philadelphia Press Ministries Up-Dates

Here is where you will find the most recent changes and up-dates at Philadelphia Press, along with any other important information.

Currently the whole site is under construction as you may have already noticed, and we are endevoring to have it all in good working order as quickly as possible. We greatly appreciate your patience, so please check back often to see what is new here at Philadelphia Press. We think and continue to hope this site will be a blessing to many!—The Staff.



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Philadelphia Press Establishes Internet Presence

"The Jonathan Project"



Philadelphia Press Ministries Establishes Internet Presence.

Well folks, as you can see Philadelphia Press Ministries now has a new web site! There is still much to be done here and it is likely to take some time, but we think that there is enough here to give you an idea of what we are striving toward. Though some of the pages are not yet finished or fully functional, we will be continually up-dating the material, and hope to have at least the main sections of the site completed soon, so be sure to check back often. Again for your convenience we will try and post, here in this room, all of the current changes at Philadelphia Press. Thank you for your visit, prayers, and support!

"The Jonathan Project"

We at Philadelphia Press Ministries have recently been made aware to the needs of a certian family and a very special individual by the name of Jonathan. Jonathan was born with cerebral palsy, and has been under the almost constant care of his mother for his whole 16 years. Now Jonathan is becoming too large for his mother to easily or practically move. Along with some other things, it has brought about certian needs for Jonathan and his family. Therefore we are informing you of the situation, and hoping you will be able and willing to help meet these needs, as the family is unable to do so. For more information on this endeavor, please visit these two pages—

"The Jonathan Project"
"Jonathan's Page"


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